Our team of experienced Western North Carolina real estate agents will work with you upon your decision to purchase a home in the mountains of North Carolina. Each of our agents has extensive knowledge of the real estate markets and areas that we service. We will work with you as a buyers agent to determine your wants, needs and help make your dreams come true.

When starting the process and searching for your dream home, ask yourself a few key questions about what you like before you begin. This can save you lots of time in the house-hunting process. Think about the styles of homes you like, what size home you are looking for, what features do you require (garage, gourmet kitchen, etc.), and what natural features outside of the home are important to you?

After you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can begin searching for your dream home. Let our team of professionals help you find the perfect home for you. We will walk you step by step through the process of buying real estate.

Once you have found a home you wish to buy, you are ready to make an offer. A signed real estate offer to purchase the home will list how much money you intend to purchase the home for, as well as the conditions of that offer and it will list details about any earnest money you wish to put down. Our expert North Carolina real estate agents will work with you to determine the appropriate amount to put down.

After you submit an offer to the seller's agent, the seller can accept, reject or counter your offer with changes to the terms. Once both the seller and buyer agree to the terms and sign the document, it becomes a valid contract. Let us help you with all your North Carolina Home Buying needs, we'll help you purchase your dream home in the mountains!


Thinking of selling your home in the North Carolina mountains? Our team of specialists at Real Property People can help you to price and market your home appropriately, and help you to sell your home for an excellent price in a timely manner.

When you are thinking of selling your home, keep several things in mind. You want to make a good impression, therefore you want your home to be in the best condition and shown in the best light. Having a home that stands out among other homes that are similarly priced will help it to sell. Landscapes should also be well maintained and exterior paint on the house should be in good condition.

On the interior of the house, the walls should be clean and unmarked, plumbing should be in good repair, objectionable odors and clutter should be removed. Talk with our helpful agents at Real Property People, about what to remove and put away when potential buyers are looking at the house. Lasting details always make the best impressions. Open draperies and curtains, remove dirty dishes, keep rooms dusted, and the noise levels down when your home is being shown.

Your seller's agent will work with you to set an appropriate asking price for your property. We have extensive knowledge of the Western North Carolina real estate markets and what current property values are in Yancey County North Carolina and Mitchell County NC. We will do research on your behalf to determine what price will get you the most amount of money in the fastest timeframe.

A buyer makes an offer by submitting a written and signed offer to purchase. This document becomes the sales contract when signed by all parties involved. The selling agent customarily notifies the listing associate of the offer, and the listing agent will then arrange an appointment with the seller to present the offer. When both the buyer and the seller agree, and contacts are signed, the contact is then firm.

If you are looking to sell your property and want to learn more about marketing your North Carolina Mountain Property in the Blue Ridge then contact us at Real Property People today! We are knowledgeable about the communities in Mitchell and Yancey County and all around Western North Carolina - let us help you today!